Our journey started at the beginning of 2022. Sylvia Han, the founder of LOVINGLOG, started to understand the heavy weight of deep sorrow and issues that our environment is facing today. And she realized that the bigger problem is not today but in the near future that our children's generation will face.

She decided to change dish soap first and other home care and body care products followed. And she knew it was great to change our house products to eco-conscious products, but, she realized it was going to be even better to change with friends and families and other people to make a better and greater impact on our earth!

As a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, she started to look for what she could do. She was looking for TRUE earth-friendly products that exist, and started to experience them. So she could sell them on the online shop but, unfortunately, there were not many products she was satisfied with. 

So she researched, learned and experimented to create the BEST All-natural & All-in-One Kitchen Bar soap out there for more than 1 year. She finally came up with the best ingredient and ratio and has used it for a year now. Sylvia Han, the Founder of LOVINGLOG, loves the product but, as a customer, Sylvia Han is very satisfied with the product and her family and friends also love this product.

Thank you for making time to read our story! As you know, nobody is perfect but, let's make a difference, little by little, changing products to earth-friendly products that we already use in our lives.




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